Assessment Services
What to expect

  • Before the assessment, parents are asked to complete a family questionnaire, describing their child’s development and their concerns. Teachers may complete a school questionnaire or parents are invited to supply a copy of a recent school report.

  • The consultation takes place over two to three hours. The session begins with a preliminary talk with parents (to include the child if appropriate) to obtain further background information and to clarify concerns and issues. The child then engages in a one-to-one assessment over a one and a half to two hour period.The evaluation draws from standardised tests that assess a wide range of cognitive and educational skills, including verbal and nonverbal learning, literacy and numeracy skills, processing speed, memory, attention and visuomotor capabilities. Following the assessment, there is a verbal feedback session with parents (and if appropriate child) which describes the test results, produces a formulation of the child’s strengths and difficulties and which makes recommendations regarding management and teaching.

  • Seven to ten days after the consultation, a fully comprehensive written report is provided.

  • Further liaison with parents and school via telephone or by e-mail is encouraged.

  • A long-term follow-up review assessment service is available on request.